Month: March 2015

Reflections on the Peak Ultra and Running 500 miles


by Ultra Runner Michelle Roy

I have 3 DNF’s at the PEAK 500
and they are my proudest accomplishments as an ultra runner.

It is quite possible that many of you will, like I did, fall in love with
this mountain and these trails and PEAK will become your bliss.  I can
promise that each of you that decide to take on the challenge of PEAK,
regardless of the distance,  will find a part of yourself that you never
knew existed.  These are no ordinary trails….you will know what I
speak of when you pass through the labyrinth and the day becomes
evening.   You are on a mountain that holds memories.  A mountain that
has silently witnessed amazing feats from ordinary people.  What will
you take away from your PEAK experience?  I can assure you that you will
be challenged.  You will suffer moments of doubt, maybe even fear, but
whether or not you cross that finish line in the time given or with the
number of loops expected you will have accomplished something great.

I have always said PEAK is about the extra loop. As in life it is about
challenging yourself to take that extra step when you body says “I am
done”.  It is not for a medal or your name listed as a finisher it is
really about finding your inner reserve, tapping into it, and pushing
yourself farther than you ever thought possible.
Welcome to the PEAK family…

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Can You Answer These 6 Questions?

Are interested in our races? We’ve developed a test to determine if you have what it takes to succeed – not just in races but in life. Rate yourself from 1 to 10 on each these 6 questions. 1 means almost never, 10 means always. Then check our recommendations below.

1. Do you think like a winner, with the confidence that you can achieve your goal no matter the obstacles?

2. Do you learn from your mistakes? When something doesn’t go the way you expect can you adapt and keep moving forward?

3. Do you have the energy you need to get through your to do list every day? Do you get out of bed ready to face the day, no snooze button, and carry that energy all day?

4. Do you accept sole responsibility for every choice you make, never blaming others? When a problem arises do you focus on what you control?

5. Do you cultivate your creativity and trust it to help you solve problems? Do you look beyond tried and true solutions for new solutions?
6. Are you persistent?

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