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Death Race 2021

July 20 – 24th, 2021, Pittsfield Vermont
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The Spartan/ Peak Races Death Race is the world’s toughest race. Period. Founder and CEO Joe De Sena says it’s not up for debate and he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep it that way. “I’m going to take things up a notch so that there’s never a discussion again.” Named the “Death Race,” it is a celebration of the human potential.  The most difficult race in the world, not only for its physically demanding challenges but also for those designed to frustrate and confuse you.

In 2018 racers faced 3,000 burpees, and all night trek over the infamous Bloodroot Gap, a 30,000-foot rope pull, and a Guinness World Record claiming 12-hour crawl under barbed wire.  Expect the unexpected in 2020, but be sure more records and spirits will be broken.

This race will change your life if you are courageous enough to commit today.

Get ready: listen to the Spartan Death Race Podcast


You must have completed one of these:

  • A Spartan Agoge preferably
  • Hurricane Heats: at least two HH12HRs, HH24HR, or an H3X  (full 24 tier.)
  • A Spartan Ultra
  • A Spartan/Peak Death Race
  • A Peak Ultra (100 miles or further)
  • Other insanely difficult challenges.  Register here then submit requests to
  • All let me in videos will be required as will additional terms that will be communicated at a future date.
  • Race dates are July 6- July 11 2020 Exact start time will be communicated prior to all racers via social media outlets.


Race challenges may begin prior to the race start.  They will include the traditional D.R. media challenge which requires a public commitment to the race.   You will receive details via email. We do this to ensure that you show up at the start. On average only 20% of registered racers have the courage to do so.

If you know what’s good for you, you will follow Peak on Facebook and SUBSCRIBE to the Spartan Death Race Podcast to stay up to date!


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