The Camp Every Kid Needs - CAMP SPARTAN
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We are a Resolve Factory.

The Peak® series was created by ultra-athletes who wanted to turn coal into diamonds. To do that they developed a series of insane ultra-endurance events here in central Vermont. We believe that completing these races will change your life.

Mr. Churchill was an optimist when he said, “I have nothing to offer, but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” He had a great deal more to offer, but as a strong leader, he knew the challenges he faced would not be easy. He knew what all great leaders say know – failure is nothing more than a reason to strengthen resolve. That is what we do in Pittsfield, Vermont. We are a RESOLVE FACTORY.



  • Amelia Boone

    “These races are insane – but knowing a burger at the general store is waiting for me makes them more manageable”

  • Joe De Sena

    “These are the original Spartan races where the founders were inventing and testing crazy – to see what broke people”

  • Dean Karnazes

    “This is Sparta! Vermont”

  • Serena Williams

    “The only thing harder and more fun than Spartan – is Spartan on the farm it was founded on”

  • Prince Harry

    “Thank goodness James Cordeb – didn’t have me do a Spartan on the farm in Vermont”

  • The Kardashians

    “Spartan in LA at our house was manageable – had we gone to the farm where it was started – not sure we would have finished it”

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