The Camp Every Kid Needs - CAMP SPARTAN
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Get Race Ready – 6.Enjoy


Do These 6 things and You’ll be Ready to Mountainbike Race

STEP SIX Smell The Roses

Have fun. Pack a picnic in your hydration pack and linger at the top of a mountain with a friend and have deep conversations. Pretend you’re announcing a grand prix race the whole way down. Sit by a waterfall with a good read. Read a page an hour; spend the rest of the time peering above the pages at the scenery. Don’t research the best swimming holes. Pack some old Chucks and trudge down the river and find one yourself. Make a few dozen stops along the ride to forage for berries. Revel in your new lip color.  Learn not to take yourself so seriously and watch your racing and life improve dramatically.


1.Go Against the Grain
2.What to Eat
3.Teach to Do
4.Build Capacity
5.Learn Calm



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