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Natural Running Form – Tips on Efficient Running for Distance


We’re excited to announce that coaches Nate Helming and Kirk Warner from The Run Experience will be presenting two clinics at the 2017 Peak Ultra!  Visit our event page for details.


Getting Ready for the 500, 100, 50, 30 or even 10-mile run

No matter the distance, efficiency is key.  In this video Nate Helming shares 4 do’s and don’ts of  natural running form to help you begin to understand how to get your body to work for you on the trail.

We are all naturally inclined to run,  it’s human. You did it without a second thought as a child.  Remember – running is a natural thing.

4 Do’s and Don’ts

When you notice an issue, don’t fix technique in a vacuum, ask why your body has adapted to move in a negative way.  The Run Experience recommends a  top-down approach.  Posture and position are king (check out the quick posture drill in this video.)

Watch for:

  • Shoulder and arm swing.
  • How to avoid arching your back (& why.)
  • Pulling mechanics.
  • Foot strike. 

Want more?  Register for the 2017 Peak Ultra and we’ll get you set up with a free one-month subscription to The Run Experience and you can meet Nate and Kirk in person.