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Spartan Death Race Podcast

Welcome to the Spartan Death Race Podcast!

Stories from one of the most secretive, difficult, bizarre and life-changing races on the planet – The Spartan Death Race.

No matter how much or how little you’ve accomplished so far, these stories will teach you that you are capable of more than you know. Our guests share unbelievable, inspirational, hilarious, life-changing, and awe-inspiring tales.

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#3: Katherine Barber – Because they told her she couldn’t

In its first year the Death Race was a complete mystery.  What intrigued Katherine was that the flyer, and her husband at the time, told her she wouldn’t be able to finish. She tells Don and Yancy about some of the most difficult and ridiculous challenges she faced. Including the fact that she did not see another competitor for the first several hours of her race. Her journey began with a random flyer picked up at the Original General Store, that said in no uncertain terms; Doubt You will Finish, a non-existent gear list, and a supposed change in start time and it’s still not over. She was the first ever female Death Racer and the first ever female Death Race finisher. LISTEN HERE

Note: memory can be a mysterious thing, especially when it comes to Death Race challenges. What a racer perceives is not always what the race actually entails. One small note of correction – the 2007 race was closer to 12 hours than 24.

#2 Robin Crossman tells stories of endurance, betrayal, pennies and onions

A four time death race finisher, and two time race director Robin will partner with Peter Borden to direct the 2020Death Race.  Robin is matter of fact about his endurance background, but between you and me, it includes things like barefoot trail ultras. This episode includes many of the Death Race’s most legendary stories. What do $50 of Pennies, an Onion King at the top of the mountain, and a Greek textbook have in common?  The 2010 Death Race. What about 1,000 sets of stone lifts, Slosh pipes, and a Broken foot? Those all happened in Robin’s 2011 Death Race. Betrayal, carrying kayaks over Bloodroot, and hours of rolling? Those are all part of Robin’s 2012 Death Race. LISTEN HERE

#1 Athena Ojeda | Her Journey from Couch to Extreme Endurance

Forget couch to 5k, Athena Ojeda shares her journey from couch to Death Race winner! Join co-hosts Yancy Culp and Don Devany as they follow her perfectly executed Spartan inspired six-year journey. From couch, smokes, and sodas to multi-year Death Race finisher. This inspirational conversation reaffirms that you can choose to shift purpose, and overcome obstacles externally and internally imposed.  Become resilient in the face of any adversity. Athena’s story will captivate you and inspire you to do more and be better in every aspect of your life. With the Spartan Mindset firmly entrenched in all she endeavors to accomplish.  LISTEN HERE