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The Ultimate 2014 #PeakDR Challenge

Everyone knows the Death Race is the toughest race on earth and has broken the most hardened spirits.


Why do all Peak’s Death races this year? (Team, Winter, Traveling, Summer)?

1. If you finish you will get a global Spartan season pass. (130 races planned in 2014)
2. If you finish you will get a global Peak season pass (except summer DR)
3. The male or female with the best cumulative time will get a 5,000.00 check.
4. The male and female with the best cumulative time you will be featured in our next TV show.
5. The top male and female will be featured in an international publication as the most badass on earth.

First Death Race is the winter Death Race. Let us know if you are taking on this challenge. We will put you up with a place to stay…all you need to do is get yourself to Pittsfield.


You must complete 3 of the Death Races.
You must be an “official” finisher of these 3 events.
Your cumulative time will be recorded and divided by the 3 events you choose to count and a top male and top female will be picked.

Do not waste our time unless you are serious.


To Register:

Traveling Death Race

Winter Death Race

Summer Death Race

Team Death Race